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SACRAL Chakra Balancing

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Balancing the Sacral Chakras is important for living life without fear of judgment and shame. As a healer, I always pay close attention to this chakra because it often shows me how the client is managing emotionally. While I believe all the chakras are important, I tend to spend more time healing the Sacral Chakra because there's often so much "murk" from painful/traumatic/stressful events held deep within this chakra.

There are many reasons why our Sacral Chakra may be blocked but are not limited to:

- Traumatic Events (the Root and Sacral Chakras are where we often hold the most trauma as they are our most vulnerable chakras)

- - Mental Disorders, energy work is not a cure for mental disorders. However, incorporating energy healing and root chakra work into your mental health care may help ease symptoms of certain mental disorders. (Depression is often associated with the Sacral Chakra)

- Repression of sexuality

- Not feeling connected to emotions, feeling numb

- Lack of creative outlet

- Over or under "sharing" our sexuality (THIS IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE, it is not mine or anyone else's place to tell you how you share this sacred part of yourself, the main idea is respecting yourself)

- Feelings of guilt or shame about our desires

- A feeling of needing outside validation, especially concerning the people we are attracted to

- Not feeling safe within our bodies or feelings related to underactive Root Chakra

- Not feeling safe to express ourselves with our bodies ( through dance, clothing, hair color, body modifications, etc)

- Feelings of "writer's block" or not being able to "release" ourselves

So how do we feel when the Sacral Chakra is balanced and how can we get there?

When the Sacral Chakras is balanced we feel safe and confident in the natural ways we want to express ourselves. We understand that we are never "too much" and that we can release our negative emotions in a safe and healthy way. We also feel free to follow up on our innermost desires- whether that's living freely in our sexuality, acting like "ourselves", customizing our "avatars" however we want, and living life in color! The Sacral Chakra is the chakra of PASSION. When this chakra is running efficiently, we feel not only safe but BOLD enough to follow through on those passions (even if they're temporary or out of our comfort zone).

Get Creative! This is my number one tip when working with the Sacral Chakra. Getting creative allows us to release pent-up emotions and express ourselves in a safe and healthy way. This can range anywhere from journaling to making pottery, painting, writing, singing, and acting. There are so many ways to begin working on something creatively- so go after whatever your heart (and Sacral Chakra) desires!

Have Sex! As the source of sexual energy in our body, this chakra craves RELEASE. Sometimes this chakra is wounded from past traumas/unpleasant sexual experiences/shame surrounding our sexuality and genitals- so, I always recommend you sex yourself up first before introducing anyone else. Masturbating is a normal and healthy behavior that allows our body to go through the cycles of excitement, tension, and release. When we allow ourselves to give in to these natural desires and begin to explore ourselves without judgment, we discover what makes us US and have a better idea of how to bring PLEASURE to all facets of our life. So set the mood, and get to the fun!

Movement! All chakras benefit from movement as it allows the energy in your body to flow more naturally and with ease. However, when we move in whatever way to body calls for us to- we tap into our Sacral Chakra and are able to listen more clearly to our desires because we're not moving for any other reason than to feel good. Dancing like no one is watching is a great way to activate this chakra! I also highly recommend yoga, walking. swimming, martial arts, pole dancing/aerial work to stimulate this chakra.

Meditation! Meditating is a very healing and centering practice I recommend to all my clients. When meditating with the Sacral Chakra, I recommend active meditation (walking meditation, running meditation, deep breathing, creative meditation for example) if possible. This is because I find that adding motion or emotion to these meditations helps release the tense energy we've been holding onto. Try meditating with 417HZ to help release negative emotions in the shower or bath for a beautiful auric cleanse.

Seeking a Professional: I am a HUGE supporter of getting help when our mental or physical health is causing us to live a smaller or unsatisfying life. It is of the utmost importance that we take our bodies and minds by staying up to date with our trusted medical, dental, mental health care, etc. professionals before consulting with holistic healing methods or professionals. However, if you feel like you would also benefit from the care and support of a holistic healer, I suggest:

- Reiki Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Light Therapy, Art Therapy. There are many different types of healing modalities so I encourage you to try different forms until you find what is most comforting and effective for you!

The color ORANGE: The Sacral Chakra is represented as the color orange. Focusing on the color orange radiating from just below your belly button while you're meditating, exercising, or even getting into the mood 😉 can be very helpful in rebalancing your Sacral Chakra.

**Maybe you do something completely different than these suggestions for becoming passionate and working with the Sacral Chakra. That is COMPLETELY okay. The goal for all healing is that it assists YOU in becoming the person you know yourself to be. That happens by listening to yourself and your body. **

If you enjoy general tarot readings, or pick a card content on YouTube, Check out my "Pick A Card Chakra Healing: SACRAL" video here!

Good luck in healing your Sacral Chakra, remember to be gentle with yourself always.

Sending love and light,


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