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CROWN Chakra Basics

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The Crown Chakra is the highest chakra within our physical body. This chakra connects our physical body to our astral body as well to the Universe/Source/God(s). This chakra is located on the top or crown of the head and is associated with the colors violet and occasionally Fuschia.

There are many reasons why our Crown Chakra may be blocked but are not limited to:

- Traumatic Events, Neglect, or Abuse

-Mental Health Disorders (often coping with the symptoms of mental health disorders is all we can do, so don't fret too much about chakra work during difficult mental health periods)

- Feelings of being disconnected to Source/intuition, confusing strong emotions/fear with intuition

- General apathy, feelings of losing your sense of wonder or magic

-Feelings of being abandoned by faith, or inability to put genuine trust in a higher power(s)

- Poor sleep habits, unusual lack of dreams or more vivid nightmares may also present

- Feelings similar to writer's block but applied to all or multiple parts of your life

So how do we feel when the Crown Chakra is balanced and how can we get there?

- Motivation or inspiration to take part in spiritual activities, rituals, or research

- Curiosity about other ways of living, religions, and general desire to expand horizons

- Faith even in stressful situations, may even feel like "blind optimism" or "blind faith"

- Repeating signs/synchronicities from Spirit

-Tingling feeling on top of the head, ringing in ears may also present

-Sudden inspiration to create, or Eureka moments

When this Crown Chakra is balanced we feel at peace with our spiritual beliefs (no matter what those beliefs are), able to accept and be curious about other's beliefs, and have the inspiration and motivation to be in practice with our beliefs or even trying new ones. Meaning we practice what we preach and do so without compromising our or other's beliefs.

Meditation: Finding a form of meditation that works for you is arguably the easiest way to rebalance and reactivate your Crown Chakra. That might be a walking meditation, a guided meditation, a traditional silent seated meditation- the point is you feel most at peace so you can connect to the Universe without fear of shame or distraction. (Negative emotions and distractions are a natural part of meditation, the aim is to make the environment the most comfortable we can).

Prayer: For some, meditation and prayer are one in the same. Prayer looks different for everyone. However, I find that speaking aloud when praying (if possible/comfortable) can be very helpful in strengthing the Crown Chakra and your bond to Source. Projecting your voice, chanting, singing, reciting poetry or written word as a praise/offering to your higher power(s) may also be helpful in rebalancing your Crown and Throat Chakra.

Divination: If you already practice or are curious about using Divination tools to communicate with your spiritual team, guides, loved ones, etc. these are great ways to strengthen your connection and Crown Chakra. Some common divination tools include tarot/ oracles cards, runes, pendulums, scrying bowls, and more! While using tools might be a little intimidating at first, with practice, they can be extremely helpful in communicating with the Divine, activating both the Crown/Third Eye/Throat Chakras and understanding yourself better.

Breathing Exercises: One of the key components to rebalancing and activating the Crown Chakra is being able to connect to the energy of Source and be able to receive that energy. To do this, it is often helpful to be in the most zen state that feels comfortable to you. Outside factors or mental disorders might make achieving this state very difficult. I personally find breathing exercises very helpful in calming my own anxiety because some exercises assist in soothing the vagus nerve and nervous system. Essentially, achieving peace from the inside out. Some exercises I recommend giving a try include Box Breathing, Ujjayi Breath (Ocean/Psychic Breathing), Alternate Nostril Breathing, and 2-to-1 Breathing.

Holistic Healing: Holistic healing might be appealing to you while working with the Crown Chakra. Most holistic healers have the ability to navigate and guide you safely through a Crown Chakra activation and their services often trigger small and large-scale epiphanies. If you feel like you would also benefit from the care and support of a holistic healer, I suggest:

- Reiki Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Light Therapy, Art Therapy. There are many different types of healing modalities so I encourage you to try different forms until you find what is most comforting and effective for you!

**Maybe you do something completely different than these suggestions for becoming passionate and working with the Crown Chakra. That is COMPLETELY okay. The goal for all healing is that it assists YOU in becoming the person you know yourself to be. That happens by listening to yourself and your body. **

Good luck in healing your Crown Chakra, remember to be gentle with yourself always.

Sending love and light,


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