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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The Heart Chakra is often the focus of many healing methods, meditations, music, etc. Why? Because the Heart Chakra acts as a bridge from the lower to higher chakras. When there's a disturbance in the Heart Chakra, it is not uncommon to find blockages or stress in the other chakras.

When this chakra is healthy and activated we are able to feel love, compassion, gratitude, and acceptance in a genuine way for ourselves and the world around us. When the Heart Chakra is aligned we feel able to love despite flaws, imperfections, or inconveniences. When difficult or painful situations arise, we are able to show compassion and understanding to others and ourselves.

There are many reasons why our Heart Chakra may be blocked but are not limited to:

- Traumatic Events, Neglect, or Abuse

- Fear of starting new or losing current relationships

- Feelings of being a burden

-Mental Disorders (Energy Healing can only be used as a way to treat symptoms, not a cure for mental or other disorders)

-Suspicion of others

- Jealousy of others and their relationships

-Loneliness and isolation

-Fear of rejection

- Overgiving, spending too much energy helping others

So how do we feel when the Heart Chakra is balanced and how can we get there?

When the Heart Chakra is running efficiently we are able to love ourselves and others without expectations or recognition. We are also able to forgive our past and the trespasses made against us by other people. When we are able to balance our Heart Chakra, unconditional love is able to flow through us with ease. Even when things become chaotic, a healthy Heart Chakra brings tolerance and nurturing into our lives.

Self Care! In order for our Heart Chakra (and all others) to be balanced, our basic needs must be met. On top of our basic needs, there are many ways for us to heal ourselves and Heart Chakra through self-care. This looks different for everyone. Some people enjoy taking spiritual baths, spending time in nature, playing video games, eating chocolate cake, spa days, etc. The point is you allow yourself to feel worthy of more than the bare minimum (because you are!). Of course everything in moderation, there is such a thing as too much self-care.

Service! I personally believe that you can heal all the chakras through service, but service specifically SCREAMS Heart Chakra. When we serve others, we gain a whole new appreciation for them and how others experience life. Service is one of the most transformative things we can do for ourselves because it provides an instant purpose, you immediately have a way to make yourself useful. This will not only heal yourself but your community and the world around you as well. There are infinite possibilities as to how to serve, searching for volunteer openings or looking into Mutual Aid in your area is a good place to start!

Posture! Many of us with Heart Chakra wounds have felt like we've had to make ourselves small. These emotions can be held in the body for years and are often reflected in our posture. If you find that your shoulders are often rounded down and towards the front of your body, you have a hard time keeping your spine aligned, and your chest is often in a concaved position- Heart Chakra work might be very beneficial for you. Strengthening the back and shoulders and massages focused on the chest and shoulders are also super helpful while working the Heart Chakra (of course, speak to your doctor first about any medical questions/concerns before beginning any chakra work).

Meditation! Practicing meditation has many benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. There are also many different types of meditations for you to chose from. However, when working with the Heart Chakra I highly recommend using guided meditations. This is because matters of the heart are often painful and complicated, and sometimes it's hard to stay focused on the positive feelings without a gentle redirection (of course-whatever method of meditation that works for you is always best!) Some Heart Chakra-guided meditations/prayers/mantras I recommend are the Loving Kindness Meditation, Ho'oponopono Prayer, "YAM" Mantra, and the Twin Hearts Meditation.

Practicing Intimacy and Vulnerability! Try discussing intimacy and vulnerability with your trusted loved ones. This may seem awkward or uncomfortable at first, but exploring what it means to have emotional intimacy and vulnerability in a safe environment is key to understanding how you love, and how you would like to be loved. Practicing being vulnerable and intimate can also improve the way we communicate with our loved ones because it lessens the likelihood of communicating from a wounded place.

Compassion, Patience, Mercy, Peace. This is a mantra I keep close to my heart when I feel that I need to focus on healing and strengthening my heart chakra. I pray for these vibrations to fill my heart, and the hearts of everyone on this planet- regardless of who they are or what choices they have made. This isn't always an "easy" prayer for me but, when I pray for everyone, I know I am capable of unconditional love.

Seeking a Professional: I am a HUGE supporter of getting help when our mental or physical health is causing us to live a smaller or unsatisfying life. It is of the utmost importance that we take our bodies and minds by staying up to date with our trusted medical, dental, mental health care, etc. professionals before consulting with holistic healing methods or professionals. However, if you feel like you would also benefit from the care and support of a holistic healer, I suggest:

- Reiki Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Light Therapy, Art Therapy. There are many different types of healing modalities so I encourage you to try different forms until you find what is most comforting and effective for you!

**Maybe you do something completely different than these suggestions for becoming passionate and working with the Heart Chakra. That is COMPLETELY okay. The goal for all healing is that it assists YOU in becoming the person you know yourself to be. That happens by listening to yourself and your body. **

Good luck in healing your Heart Chakra, remember to be gentle with yourself always.

Sending love and light,


Watch my Heart Chakra Healing Tarot video here!

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