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ROOT Chakra basics

The Root Chakra is the first chakra I address as an energy healer. This chakra is located between your genitals and your anus- that's a vulnerable area! (I consider this a contact free zone when I'm healing for obvious reasons). This Chakra is often associated with the color red, like the color of clay from the earth.

When this Chakra is activated and strong, we experience feelings of being stable, safe, grounded, connected to the earth and to ourselves.

When we feel strong in this chakra, we feel secure about ourselves and have healthy boundaries. We feel safe to "expose our soft bits" and be vulnerable enough to put our defenses down and to let go of fear of things we cannot control.

There are many reasons as to why our root chakras might feel blocked including but not limited to:

- Traumatic Events

- Mental Disorders, energy work is not a cure for mental disorders. However, incorporating energy healing and root chakra work into your mental health care may help ease symptoms of certain mental disorders.

- Feelings of being an outcast, the "black sheep", alienation, isolation

- General anxiety, fears, being pushed outside of comfort zone

- Sudden loss (life, wealth, home, career, essential needs or well being not being met)

- Relocation

- Feelings of not being grounded- dissociated from ourselves and the earth

Often times, feeling disconnected from our Root Chakra happens for reasons that aren't necessarily in our control. So it most important that we focus on our Root Chakra when we feel safe enough within our minds, bodies, and current situation to do so. A key focus of this Chakra is to feel comfortable enough within ourselves so that we have a solid foundation for energy work in the higher chakras. If our energetic body was a tree, we want healthy roots so the rest of us can thrive as we grow and change with the seasons.

Mantra: I trust that I am firmly rooted within myself and to Mother Earth. I am safe in this moment, knowing I am Divinely loved and protected always.

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