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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The Throat Chakra is often associated with authenticity and living in one's truth. This is because when this chakra is active and healthy, we feel comfortable in expressing our thoughts, needs, and desires without harming others or ourselves. This chakra is located at the base of the throat and is represented by the color blue.

There are many reasons why our Throat Chakra may be blocked but are not limited to:

- Traumatic Events, Neglect, or Abuse

- Low self-esteem/self-worth

- Difficulties setting or keeping boundaries

-Feelings of needing to suppress parts of ourselves/identity

-Feelings of not being listened to

-Gossiping and/or lying

-Confusion about how to express self

- Fear of rejection/abandonment

- People pleasing, even at the detriment of self

-Not stating own needs for comfort/ease of others

So how do we feel when the Throat Chakra is balanced and how can we get there?

When the Throat Chakra is healthy and balanced, we feel confident in our ability to communicate with others with ease and respect. A healthy Throat Chakra assists us in living our lives in a way that feels "real" and unaffected by the opinions or unwarranted criticisms of others. The need to adjust ourselves or message for comfort or convenience fades and the need to bottle up emotions/thoughts/desires/needs dissipates.

Raise your voice! One of the key ways you can heal your throat chakra is through using your voice. Singing, chanting, humming, playing an instrument, laughing, screaming, and talking it out are all great ways to kick start your healing. Imagine a blue light shining out from your throat as you flex that Throat Chakra for an extra boost!

Speak your truth: Working with the Throat Chakra can sometimes be an intense process because this chakra asks you to stick up for yourself and your beliefs, even if that means you need to leave a situation or person(s). If you feel called to work with this chakra, I would recommend reevaluating your environment and relationships- are you holding back emotions/thoughts/parts of yourself purely to appease others? Do you engage in conversations/behaviors you don't resonate with to avoid loneliness?

Journaling: I personally find writing/journaling very helpful when working with the Throat Chakra because it allows me to ground my emotions/thoughts/self before I express them. I find this helpful especially in situations where I felt overwhelmed to express myself immediately or in a calm demeanor. If you cant think of anything to write about, I recommend googling " ____ Chakra Journal Prompts". There are a ton of prompts that will hopefully inspire and intrigue you to learn more about yourself and living in your authenticity.

Arts & Crafts: Although living in or as close to our truth is as we can is always encouraged, it's a process. Sometimes we aren't in a safe or respectful environment to speak our truth, so this is why I love journaling and art projects. People have used writing, art, and music for thousands of years to express themselves during times of oppression and hardship. Creating with your hands can be just as effective in flexing your throat chakra if your masterpiece is coming from a truthful place inside of you. Just remember, only you know what your truth looks like, and that truth can only be compromised by others if you allow them.

Seeking a Professional: I am a HUGE supporter of getting help when our mental or physical health is causing us to live a smaller or unsatisfying life. It is of the utmost importance that we take our bodies and minds by staying up to date with our trusted medical, dental, mental health care, etc. professionals before consulting with holistic healing methods or professionals. However, if you feel like you would also benefit from the care and support of a holistic healer, I suggest:

- Reiki Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Light Therapy, Art Therapy. There are many different types of healing modalities so I encourage you to try different forms until you find what is most comforting and effective for you!

**Maybe you do something completely different than these suggestions for becoming passionate and working with the Throat Chakra. That is COMPLETELY okay. The goal for all healing is that it assists YOU in becoming the person you know yourself to be. That happens by listening to yourself and your body. **

Good luck in healing your Throat Chakra, remember to be gentle with yourself always.

Sending love and light,


Watch my Throat Chakra Healing Tarot video here!

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